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VIVE Debuts New AR / VR Headset, VIVE XR Elite

HTC VIVE announces new AR / VR headset, coming in at $1,099

Source: HTC Vive

At the CES, HTC VIVE have just announced their new AR / VR Headset, the VIVE XR Elite. Previously an unannounced project, the XR Elite is the newest member of the VIVE XR range, previously made up of just the VIVE Flow–lightweight VR glasses–and the VIVE Focus, its bulkier cousin for professionals.

The XR Elite will compete against the Meta Quest pro as a standalone consumer headset, at a price of $1,099. It's expected to officially release next month.

VIVE Livens up the Competition

In order to compete with Meta’s Quest headsets and the rumored Apple Mixed Reality device, HTC is opening preorders for the Vive XR Elite, a $1,099 standalone headset featuring depth sensors and a full-color camera.

In late February, HTC will ship the XR Elite to consumers worldwide. The device will support all currently-offered consumer games and software from HTC, as well as mixed reality experiences utilizing full-color video. Weighing only 625g (1.37lbs), the new lightweight headset has pretty standard specs for 2023:

  • 12GB of RAM
  • 90Hz refresh rate
  • 110-degree Field of View
  • 2K Res per eye

It also comes with a back-mounted battery offering 2h~ of runtime, and two USB-C controllers boasting up to 10 hours of usage. VIVE General Manager Dan O'Brien pushed the new XR Elite as consumer-centric, aiding everything from fitness to entertainment and productivity.

And though its specs aren't stand-out, a few unconventional features might put the XR Elite ahead of the competition. Those who wear glasses can make use of the XR Elite's lens diopter adjustment and separation adjustor, so they don't have to keep their specs on while using the headset. The latter will allow users to increase the distance between the lenses, making it more accessible and comfortable.

It is, however, a bit cheaper than its main competitor the Meta Quest Pro, which is currently priced at $1,499. In any case, the competition's getting hot with the Pico 4 increasing its market share, and the Meta Quest 2 currently at the top in terms of value-for-money.