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Noir Ventures Joins Binance, Youtube and Twitch Co-Founders as Investors in Numbers Protocol

Noir Ventures announces strategic investment in Numbers Protocol to lead the way in digital media provenance in the age of AI

Noir Ventures Founders Anthony Logan (Left) and Jamie Sellars (Right), Announce Strategic Investment in Numbers Protocol to Lead the way in Digital Media Provenance in the Age of AI, Joining Binance & Co-Founders of Youtube and Twitch

Noir, a Web3 Brand Venture Studio has announced a direct strategic investment in Numbers Protocol. The first asset-centric cross-network protocol which handles 6 billion gateway monthly traffic from 190 countries is used and trusted by art and music institutions, media publications such as Rolling Stone and Reteurs and fashion ecommerce brands.

Numbers are currently developing an application for AI companies to capture, protect and publish digital media provenance called Capture.

The intellectual and financial capital heading towards Numbers Protocol marks one of Noir Ventures’ most ambitious investments to date. It includes equity, direct purchase of Numbers' native Token (NUM) and ongoing strategic support, product design and development.

Noir will join other previous investors Protocol Labs, Binance, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin, and Phil Chen, founder of HTC Vive and general partner at Race Capital.

Following his investment, Phil Chen said “The information supply chain is broken, and Numbers Protocol provides the fundamental tools to build a ledger of record with more integrity and establish a chain of provenance for trustworthiness.”

Both Noir Ventures & Numbers Protocol are committed to solving the critical issue of truth decay in society through digital media provenance, especially with the explosive rise of AI. All digital content has a history. Real or synthetic, original or edited, details matter. Building on the two years of extensive work the two companies have already achieved, the investment will further their efforts to expand bottom-up truth seeking, fact based provenance and integration of blockchain technology into our under-pressure media landscape.

The project uses a capture, protect and publish approach to provide authenticity certifications as well as traceable records for data and content at the beginning of the content lifecycle, enabling users, content creators, media organisations and governments to claim, licence and retain ownership of their digital media all on chain and immutable.

Noir’s CEO & Founder Anthony Logan explains what this partnership will mean for both companies and the future of trust in digital media: “We are extremely excited to form a long-term partnership with Numbers. After working together for two years we have a deep relationship with the team and we are looking forward to taking more of an active role in the company to continue to build out digital provenance tools to verify online digital media for both creators and brands. With the emergence of AI this is not just needed but it is essential for the future of intellectual property rights for all creators online.

At SXSW this year, Numbers Protocol’s pitch won the Web3 and Metaverse category, highlighting the importance of data traceability. Founder Tammy Yang explained that the lack of digital media provenance is the root cause of misinformation, copyright infringement, a collapse in trust in institutions & political discourse and creators' work being stolen.

“Our win at SXSW validates our vision for transparent and traceable data in the age of AI. We're dedicated to solving digital media provenance and this recognition motivates us to continue developing innovative solutions for humans and AI."
- Tammy Yang, Founder of Numbers Protocol

Numbers is developing applications for AI companies to trace data provenance and is currently in conversation with art institutions, HTC Vive Art, Tate and AI platforms, such as Google AI, MidJourney, and Instill.

Numbers Protocol

Numbers Protocol is the first asset-centric cross-network protocol and handles 6 billion gateway monthly traffic from 190 countries and is already being used and trusted by artists and creators, in music, NFT platforms, metaverse, and is developing an application for AI companies to trace digital media provenance.


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