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The Sandbox Strengthens FlickPlay Partnership with AR-Ready NFT Launch

Photo by Barbora Dostálová / Unsplash

The Sandbox metaverse is cementing its partnership with social platform FlickPlay, through the release of special augmented reality-ready NFTs.

The tokens from the latest collection will combine physical and virtual world utility, enabling holders to create videos of their avatars in the physical world and utilize items within the popular NFT-powered sandbox game.

A Growing Partnership

While 50 of the new NFTs will come with an voxelized version of their avatar, 10 will be dispensed to players who purchase LAND in The Sandbox. A total of 140, meanwhile, unlock $SAND tokens, the ERC-20 utility token variously used for staking, governance and value transfer in the eponymous metaverse.

The Sandbox and FlickPlay have been exploring synergies since first joining forces back in April. Initially, Sandbox community members were able to acquire a Flicky, a unique 3D creature native to the web3 social platform, and claim different Sandbox utilities tied to Flicky Traits. At the time, both companies teased the release of an interoperable NFT collection by the end of 2022 – and they’ve delivered with a few months to spare.

The novel AR-ready NFTs are said to provide various benefits within the Sandbox ecosystem, although many of these won’t become apparent until the next phase of the project is complete. One thing’s for sure, this is a partnership both partners are deeply invested in.

Users keen to get their hands on an NFT can either mint one directly from the FlickPlay website or find one while exploring the FlickPlay map, Pokémon GO style. Like the latter game, FlickPlay uniquely compels users to locate non-fungible tokens and Flicks in meatspace using the FlickMap, commodities that can then be shown off using Augmented Reality.

While The Sandbox remains one of the most popular metaverse platforms, FlickPlay has been enjoying success of its own; indeed, it was recently selected to be one of half a dozen web3 companies joining the 2022 intake of Disney’s Accelerator Program. The others were Polygon, Inworld, Lockerverse, Red6 and Obsess.