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MeetKai Unveils New Metaverse Tools at 2023 CES

LA-based AI and metaverse firm launches three new VR-focused platforms

Credit: MeetKai

MeetKai, a startup focused on the development of cutting-edge AI and metaverse technologies, is rolling out a trio of slick new offerings at the world’s biggest tech event, CES.

After two years of scaled-down events due to the pandemic, the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show returns to the Las Vegas Convention Centre to showcase diverse innovations such as motorized make-up, smart bird feeders, and MeetKai’s latest 3D-digitizing service, MeetKai Reality.

Meet MeetKai Reality

MeetKai Reality is described as a software platform that “supports users in digitizing physical spaces to create instant 3-D replicas using nothing but a phone.” The product can be used to bring physical reality into the realms of the metaverse, without having to grapple with complex scanning software or custom 3-D modeling.

Although the potential applications of MeetKai Reality are numerous, the software is likely to be of particular professional interest to realtors, interior designers, architects and engineers, many of whom already leverage similar platforms like Matterport and Trnio.

‘Reality’ is just one of three products being unveiled by MeetKai at this year’s CES, which begins today (January 5) and concludes on Sunday (January 8). The others, MeetKai Metaverse Editor and Cloud AI, also push the envelope of what is currently possible in terms of the metaverse software stack.

While the former enables simple virtual construction and space building, either solo or in collaboration, the latter facilitates AI-human interactions and is said to be the first cloud offering that enables domain-specific, knowledge-driven Virtual Humans.

In other words, Cloud AI’s Virtual Humans can interact with end users in real-time using advanced reasoning capabilities, not unlike the ChatGPT chatbot launched by OpenAi in November. The key difference is that MeetKai’s offering is a cloud-driven voice assistant that can be plugged into a virtual environment.

In a press release, MeetKai Co-Founder and CEO James Kaplan said, “As a company we have always believed that AI-first products drive differentiation, and the metaverse is no different. Our intent in building out our metaverse tools is to enable ourselves to build state-of-the-art experiences in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the cost.

“We have a number of first-party experiences we are creating that weave together Reality, Editor, and Cloud AI to power unique user functionality. An example of this is a virtual store that could feature an NPC capable of searching for and showing you scanned-in objects.”

Interestingly, MeetKai can be integrated by existing metaverse platforms; for example, it’s possible to integrate the startup’s AI or leverage its space building and rendering.

Founded in 2018, MeetKai is on an upward trajectory having raised over $20 million in venture capital to date. Its global user base is also 50 million, and it was named as the Official AI Partner of the Los Angeles Chargers late last year.