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Digging Up Digital Twins

By leveraging the power of aerial data and the Omniverse platform, companies are able to improve efficiency and reduce the potential for errors and accidents

Photo by Albert Hyseni / Unsplash

San-Francisco software Start-up Skycatch is now digging into digital twin creation in a bid to improve mining and construction. They’ve long been a player in helping companies to mine minerals and data, and now, empowered by NVIDIA’s Omniverse, the company will be taking the mining and construction sectors up a notch, refining them with new technologies.

Simulating Construction

SkyVerse, a part of Skycatch’s vision-based AI platform, specializes in aerial analysis and data capture. They use drones equipped with advanced sensors and cameras to capture high-resolution images and other data from above. This data is then analyzed and used for a variety of applications, such as construction site mapping, agriculture, and environmental monitoring. The drones themselves use AI, flying autonomously, to navigate and map complex construction sites, quarries, and more.

Now, SkyVerse will be able to help builders visualize the future of their industrial sites. With AI-powered weather simulation, users can simulate the effects of certain weather on industrial sites, simulate broken machines, and more—all while learning from the up to five years in the past. These advanced visualization and simulation technologies will significantly improve construction and mining, allowing those working in the sectors to future-proof their plans.

Omniverse: Mapping out Mining

The collaboration between Skycatch and NVIDIA is sure to allow the former to improve their processes even more. The Omniverse platform will allow Skycatch to create detailed 3D models of construction and mining sites, providing a virtual representation and easy visualization. This allows companies to plan and execute their operations more efficiently, and to identify potential issues and challenges before they arise.

Additionally, the Omniverse platform allows Skycatch to monitor and track progress on construction and mining projects in real-time. This allows companies to make adjustments and improvements on the fly, ensuring that projects are completed on time and on budget.

Overall, the partnership between Skycatch and NVIDIA is a major step forward for the construction and mining industries. By leveraging the power of aerial data and the Omniverse platform, these companies are able to improve efficiency and reduce the potential for errors and accidents.

Omniverse x Skyverse

Using data from drones and other environmental sensors, the Skyverse platform can function anywhere from the edge to the cloud. Empowered by Omniverse, it creates 3D meshes from 2D images, using neural networks built from NVIDIA’s pretrained models to remove unneeded objects. These 3D meshes are converted to Universal Scene Description, allowing the high-detail 3D Model to be used through Omniverse Enterprise, acting as a digital twin for your business or site, providing up-to-date telemetry data and more.

Omniverse is already being integrated into myriad different sectors, streamlining processes and improving workflows. Retail giant Lowe’s is even making use of the tech, and we’ll almost definitely see more companies making the move to Omniverse as we approach the metaverse.