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World Within a World: Pushes Metaverse Boundaries

Photo by Thabang / Unsplash

Spatial design agency harnesses decades of architectural and design experience to create custom 3D experiences for clients seeking to penetrate the web3 world. Little wonder, then, that the startup has been busier than ever in recent months.

Lounge Life

The latest example of Polycount’s imaginative design is a digital lounge created for Vogue Singapore to commemorate the publication’s second anniversary.

Deployed on the VR platform, the Club Vogue Singapore lounge, based on the theme of Rebirth, features an eye-catching water feature, lush plants, wall art, a sofa, and a stand containing different issues of Vogue magazine. Look above and there is no ceiling, with a view instead of the open sky.

Visitors to the 360-degree lounge can style their avatar in an ensemble curated by digital fashionista DressX, opting for a blue suit and matching bucket hat, a green snakeskin suit, or a lava catsuit. Avatars can also be accessorized with creations from digital-only fashion house The Fabricant.

In an interview with Vogue Singapore, Polycount’s CEO Michael Potts enthused about how metaverse technologies “allow brands to meet their customers where they are. Instead of you having to have come to us, we’ll come to you. We’ll have our store in your house, we’ll have our incredible showroom in your living room.

McDonald’s in the Metaverse

The Vogue lounge is just the tip of the iceberg, of course. Polycount has also designed a floating house for Exclusible, an e-retailer for digital collectible assets and NFTs. Like the Vogue lounge, the ‘House on the Water’ lives in Spatial’s metaverse and features a large deck, an infinity pool, a cocktail bar and stunning glass walls through which shoals of fish float past. It is this element of luxury and prestige that separates Polycount from its competitors.

The company’s close eye for detail was famously showcased in the Lunar New Year Metaverse Activation it helped facilitate for McDonald’s. With the fast food giant looking to highlight the Year of the Tiger for its Asian market, Polycount worked with IW Group and fashion designer Humberto Leon to build an immersive Hall of Zodiacs VR experience featuring a dozen Zodiac animals. Visitors passing through the hall could then even receive horoscope readings based on their year and month of their birth.

Latterly, Polycount was responsible for the first ever theatrical premiere in the metaverse, having teamed up with Decrypt Studios to build awareness for Gamestop: Rise of the Players. In this case, the activation was a drive-in movie theater situated on the moon; and gamers were given a collectible NFT to serve as an entry ticket to the premiere.

We are likely to see yet more examples of brands pursuing unique VR experiences, and on recent evidence Polycount will be among the top choices to guide them into the web3 world.